Sunday, August 2, 2009

A New Idea?

If I could upload photos to my computer, I would show you the fabulous thrifted t-shirts I've found this week.

I would tell you that they are not going to fit into my everyday wardrobe, and that I am looking for alternate "re-use" uses for them.

If I tell you that I'm going to make them into something fabulous, then I have to, right? That means they can't just sit in a pile amongst all the other fabric and yarn and what not that has accumulated in what a realtor would call the "third bedroom" and that they will actually have to be turned into their new, useful and recycled form. Right?

Maybe by the time I figure out how to get my computer to recognize my camera again, I'll have pictures of the finished product.


11pm edit
So after trying a different computer, I have a photo.

The one that started it all.