Monday, January 16, 2012

New Calendars

We've finished the third week of 2012.

I've spent 9 days in the office.

I have no 2012 calendar.

It's making me batty.

So many things that I do on a daily basis revolve around dates.  Reviewing contracts.  Making season calendars.  I sent out an email to the board committee I'm responsible for about an upcoming meeting, and after I hit send I panicked that the 19th is not actually Thursday.  And I had nothing to look up and reassure myself that I was remembering the schedule correctly.  (It is Thursday, by the way.)

Usually I spend the days following Christmas looking for a deal on the next year's calendar.  I mean why pay full price?  This year I was blessed to be gifted two calendars.  One of scenes Iowa in all seasons.  It's pretty great to see fantastic photos of the place I grew up every month...some are of places I've actually been!

The other is a great indy designed calendar my sister found on Etsy.  I've been looking at it every night on my kitchen calendar, in it's plastic sleeve thinking how I needed to get a frame for it.  And then I remembered I had a frame that I had from my first craft shows that I wasn't using anymore.  It was on top of the dryer.  And had been for some time.

I finally pulled it up from the basement (why is it so difficult to walk down those stairs sometimes?) scrubbed off the caked on dryer lint (ok, not really, that makes my laundry situation sound like a fire hazard.  It was just dusty.) and put it together.

On Friday I gave it a place of honor on top of my (also dusty) PC tower.

Watcha think?

I rather like it.

Maybe next year the "indy designer" who supplies my office calendar will BE my sister.  Check out some of the great stuff she's designed!