Sunday, June 12, 2011


I've mentioned it before, and I'll say it again.

A good sewing day is one where the garbage can is full.  In my quest to destash and USE the fabric I have, here is the great accomplishment of this weekend:

(if I can figure out how to get the photo off my iphone and into my computer it will appear, why do you challenge me so?  Hey look!  I figured it out!)

So it's one small garbage can of scraps.  But it's full.  And I have stacks of bib pieces on the cutting table waiting to be put together in addition to the dozen that are waiting for me to turn them inside out.  Progress.

The failing this weekend was in my fancy sewing machine that has the fancy stitches I use to finish off the gems I sell in my shop.  The tension stopped working.  No amount of re-threading or cajoling resulted in a seam with an appropriate tension.  It's a problem when you can just pull the bobbin thread out, right?  So off to the machine doctor we go...I hope I can get out there this week before Thursday!

Luckily I have a back up plan.  My trusty machine that has been with me almost 20 years.  (How is it possible I can write that?  20 years?  WHAT?!?!?)  Thanks, Mom, for the best high school graduation present a girl could ask for.