Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hey Pumpkin!

5 hrs ago, all that was on my fireplace mantel was just a spot to collect things...speakers, birthday cards, photos of my god daughter which are considerably older than she actually is.  Red metallic candles from holiday decorating still hung on the sconces above.  The wreath on the front door was sporting sunflowers, and a tired orange ribbon that I *meant* to replace all summer.

Today was the day to clean up all the riff raff and get out the fall themed decorations.  I've been enjoying the battery operated candle that is set to come on around dusk and flickers in the front window when I pull in the drive, so it was time to pull out the coordinating decorations.  Gone is the wreath with the sad floppy bow.  It it's place a lovely harvest wreath with acorns and an appropriately fluffed leaf themed bow.  I know the mailman and paperboy will approve.

This, however, is my favorite Halloween decoration.

Yep, that pumpkin is from a ceramics place my grandmother frequented when I was a small child.  I can remember putting the candy I got trick or treating inside.  Somehow, I was allowed to keep that pumpkin and the candy in my bedroom.

In case you were wondering, the ghost I've had ten years or less...doesn't look much different than the crafty punkin' does it?  Not ALL 1970 something crafts look where did I put that macramé book?

And in case you thought I had it ALL together, I found this lurking in the breakfast nook...

Yep.  A snowman.  Maybe he'll just stay there for a couple more months...