Saturday, October 9, 2010


Apples are another great thing about fall.  There are so many varieties to choose from.  Personally, I prefer a crisp apple for eating.  But there are so many other uses for apples.

We had a small windfall of apples of an unknown variety this week, so I decided to take a crack at my grandmother's apple sauce.  It's SUPER easy to make.  And SUPER delicious.

Quarter and core your apples.  Cook until soft.

This is my vintage Foley food mill.  A fantastic invention.  And the rockstar in this recipe.

Put your cooked apples thru the food mill.  Add 1/3 - 2/3c. sugar and 1/2t. cinnamon to taste to your liking.  Make sure you add the sugar while your apples are still warm. 

Once it cools, you can freeze it. 

We often ate this apple sauce out of the freezer, shaving it off the frozen block as it defrosted.  Leaving the skins on while cooking and processing is what gives this applesauce it's pink hue.  Don't worry, there are no skins in your final product.  Even picky eaters will like this one.  

Friday, October 8, 2010


Fall is one of my favorite times of year.

The leaves on the trees turn fantastic colors.

There is a crispness in the air in the morning that is invigorating, and reminds me of early morning marching band practice.

And, it means it's time for wearing these...