Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ever since I put this together on my coffee table Sunday afternoon I have had such joy fill my heart.

I just love it.

The ornaments came from my mother's basement last Christmas.  I can't say I remember having them on our tree going up, but I will happily pretend that we did.  The are some of my "new" favorite ornaments from my childhood.  And in their original Shiney Brite box to boot! 


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thrifty Finds

Holiday shopping this weekend took me to a couple of my favorite thrifty spots. 

I can't show you all my thrifty treasures, as two are gifts...yes, that's right.  Gifts.  I love giving gifts which are something that was no longer wanted by the original owner and will be the loved by the recipient.  Hopefully both gifts will be "on the mark".

Otherwise, I found these lovelies.

I'd been on the lookout for the small pyrex dishes.  I have always liked them (they remind me of my grandmother), but never thought I had a reason for having them.  And since storage is at a premium in our kitchen, I always left these lovely little bowls behind.  Until a week or so ago when I needed to melt just a little bit of butter, and had nothing but a large soup bowl to melt it in.  I instantly had a reason for owning these tiny bowls.  And I figured out a spot to store them.  So the hunt began.  I was thrilled to find these on Friday night.  And I left at least three others behind for the next lucky soul.

The tin and the pear I don't have definate plans for.  I'd like to incorporate both into this year's holiday decorating.  We'll see how that goes.  All the boxes are in the living room, and the tree is up.  Decorating has begun!

In Boutique Girl Gift news, I also found this at Marshalls.

Pretty cute...and I think might just work for displaying bibs.  The question is, should it stay pink, or should I spray pain it red.  Or maybe white?  Let me know what you think!