Saturday, September 27, 2008


It's been raining here for the better part of two days.

Rain always revives my interest in good old fashioned Wellington boots.

No longer does one need to settle for plain green Wellies. J Crew has these pink polka dot ones on sale.

These red floral ones from Boden are my favorite. I wonder if I can justify purchasing them? It's supposed to still be raining tomorrow...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I love aprons. Vintage ones especially. Finding vintage aprons in prestine condition is rare, as most were used as protect ones clothing from spills and splatters while making dinner, baking a birthday cake, or just working around your kitchen.

Last christmas I was asked to reproduce a red apron with an appliqued poinsettia for some family members. It was an apron that held great sentimental value for my step mom and her sisters. The reproductions were a big hit (and a lot of hand sewing!).

I copied the adorable 50's shape of that apron, and have made it in a variety of fabrics...some vintage, some more modern. All adorable!

Look for these aprons (and more) coming soon to my etsy shop.

Monday, September 15, 2008

It was a hot and steamy morn...

So it's not quite as catchy as "It was a dark and stormy night..." but it in fact was a hot and steamy morning yesterday at the historic Merwinsville Hotel. Something close to 100% humidity...there was rain on my drive to the show location. Luckily the rain had stopped falling by set up time at 9am.

Here's what I learned:

1) EZ Up tents ROCK!

My birthday present was a very practical, and totally awesome EZ Up tent.

2) You need a buddy for outside shows.

While the EZ Up tent is awesome, it still takes two people to get it out of the carying case and up and ready to go. Not to mention the extra volume of EVERYTHING one brings to decorate a 10x10 space is a lot to load and unload. The flaw in this is that all the stuff leaves no room for your buddy in the car. At least not if you expect to see out of any window while you're driving.

3) The CT Etsy Team Rocks!

This one I already knew, but Sunday reinforced our strengths as a team. Every vendor was super friendly and helped each other unload, figure out where to set up on the lawn and helped each other get tents up and secure.

4) Be sure to set up your tent so you can take advantage of the shade it provides.

We started out the day wondering if we were going to see any sun, but by lunchtime the sun was out in full force. I set my table up too far in the back of the tent, so my chair was outside the canopy of the tent. Which meant I had nowhere to hide when the sun started to burn my pale shoulders.

5) I'd do it all again.

Despite the chaos, being buddyless and the crazy weather, I'd do it all again.

Isn't the tent awesome?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Outdoor Show

Tomorrow is my first outdoor craft show. A couple gals from the CT Etsy Team put together a fantastic show at the historic Merwinsville Hotel in New Milford, CT. We'll be on the grounds of this beautiful building as well as it's porch.

I've never done a show outdoors before, so today there was much trial and error in setting up my "booth" in the living room. a 10x10 space is BIG!

Watcha think?

I also made myself a vendor apron. Seemed like having a place to keep my little notebook, phone and hopefully sales was a good idea. I used a small piece of decorator cotton I had in my stash, and embellished with some bright ribbon.

I think I turned out super cute! I may have found a new item for my etsy shop!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Etsy, CT 06755

Welcome to my blog!

Here it is...the place where you can learn about my life as an indie crafter (and an arts administrator).

This Sunday, I'm participating in an indie craft show with some of my CT Etsy Teammates. Check out the video our fearless team leader made...

(someday i'll figure out how to embed the video, tonight, we're luck it's a clickable link!)